“K00-1099”, June 01-14, 2017
A Solo Exhibition, Critique Room. The University of California Irvine, Irvine, CA

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To cross the nation from Los Angeles to NYC, by neither airplane, train, nor a car, but a Greyhound bus. I was able to relocate myself as the street photographer to a new front line of the instantaneous, powerful, and unseen sides of the United States of America. Through the 72-hour drive, 32 stops, and five shifts of the drivers, and countless passengers boarding and leaving the bus, I snapped photographs in the old fashion way of Zone Focusing, to acquire the most uninterrupted images of the scenes taking places around me. People were genuine, sad, escaping, depressed, curious, confused and eager to be liberated from that bus. Through the Mojave Desert, the Rockies, and the Great Plains, my hip was sore and numb. However, I knew that my camera and I had become parts of many tales that would have never been told.