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︎︎︎01.15 lego behind water glass

︎︎︎08.01 a painting-in-progress

03.03 ASK AI

︎︎︎On a flight to Boston 01.28.2023


untitled drawing, 8.5”*11”, 2022
“I was working on an instruction menu, as well as making a case for a few collapsed timelines. My fingers dance around the keyboard.

My finger bellies remember the solidified splattered soup and food residues around the keyboards; different landmarks to the right key to the right word to the righ sentence to the right world.

My belly is filled with neon purple shit, I don’t remember what I ate. If one can stay true while staying cool, then one may always be one more step to the archive of truth.

Although different layers of protections will be needed, the ultimate priority is to keep what clean?”


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