The Eight Excuses For Not Coming

“Comprised of tintype photography, sculptures made of found objects, and toys, The Eight Excuses intends to animate a cluster of metaphors to absurd scenarios in daily life. In this exhibition, Max Li deploys language bits, mock-up ritualistic apparatus, and repurposed anthropomorphic furniture to investigate the seemingly arbitrary nature of the mechanism of decision making. Why eight; are the excuses forgivable; and what are the destinations?”


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Exhibition Poster

Window Installation

Vinyl Wall

Untitled Plate 030522, 2022
tintype, 11*14

Installation View

Fishing Rod, 2022
ACE paint stirring stick, water bottle, foreign coin, paper clipper, sushi leaf, duck tape spool, egg tart foil, rubber band, opaque wrapping film,
dimension variable

Gambling Station, 2022
Legos, lottery ticket, cabinet door, book
dimension variable

Lego Cross, 2022
18” x 14”

Green Celling Lego, 2022
6” x 9”

Vision Amplifier Above Dirt Bag, 2022
Crayon, clamps, rubber band, chopstick, bungee chord, ritual cup, sticker, ACE paint stirring stick, instax polaroid, plastic bag, dirt
dimension variable

The Eight Excuses For Not Coming, 2022
opaque wrapping film, string, screw, masking tape, packing tape, paper, soda can, instax polaroid, brown paper bag, brown paper box
dimension variable

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