Modes of Translation
Between familiar and foreign
Destabilizing meaning and feeling/

Attention and it’s Resolution
about what constitutes a basic unit

The conditions that transform


To maneuver ourselves through the terrain of reality,

a [complex, visceral, bodily, paradoxical, vibrant, ] kind of setting,

We have to consider, and reconsider the notion of

“what to become”

There is a certain driving force that activates and diminishes the process of becoming. It destabilizes the focal plain, evokes interaction between the physical and psychological, reorients the container and the contained, therefore fluctuates the self to becoming the other. As Max Li maneuvers himself through the terrain of reality, he inquires to such force through ritualistic practices that take place in the personal and public sphere, from the ancient to the future.

Although mobilizing a wide range of interests through various mediums, Max composes imagery that is both tangible and intangible. By working with materials that are often found, modular, recycled, rented and exchanged, his compositions suggest deeply intuitive movements and traces of human activity. Such formula evolves and engages with its subject matter both systematically and free-associatively, therefore, conditioning situations that transform.

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